The Brand Called “YOU”

Building a brand takes an extreme amount of effort. With much to consider throughout phases of development, one of the most crucial stages is audience appeal. How will consumers connect with your idea? What are they experiencing when they are interacting with your brand? If branding on a business level is such an important and common practice, why is the same exertion not applied to a personal brand image?

To some, a personal brand image might seem like a frivolous luxury, but no brand is without a visual aesthetic in business. In that case, you are the product you are looking to develop, and your image is your product packaging. Market disruption has created several industry entries, and while there may be space for everyone, how do you stand out from the crowd?

The unique promise of any brand is its authenticity, and that should reflect in everything the consumer sees. What better way to display that than through personal style? Aligning work with life creates a brand image that should both stand for something and stand out. It should be comfortable and confident, but most of all, it must be YOU!

Here are 3 Reminders for Uncovering Your Personal Brand Image:

  1. Find your Vision
    Understanding who you are is the key to any form of personal brand imaging. Your style should always maintain a sense of self and embrace confidence when you walk into a room. Representing your brand style reflects your personality and is your opportunity to tell your story visually. Discover what makes you the most comfortable, whether it is over the top chic or casually understated. There are no wrongs, just what is right for you. 
  2. All Trends are Not Created Equal
    It is pretty easy to get wrapped up in a fashion trend. Knowing who you are and what works for you is critical to perfecting a personal brand image. Incorporating a few trendy style elements into your wardrobe is ok; however, the goal is not to break the bank. Do not lose sight of your image to keep up with the Joneses. 
  3. Fashion is for Fun
    In the iconic words of The Joker, “why so serious?” Fashion, at times it can be intimidating, but always remember to have fun. Style is all about experimenting and discovering a new part of you with every fashionable foot you put forward.